Welcome to Trireme

Trireme Pension Services (Trireme) is an independent specialist pension service provider that blends technical expertise and operational know-how to provide professional services to a wide range of pensions in numerous jurisdictions.

We specialise in the provision of services to occupational and personal pension schemes.

Our expertise ensures that solutions are tailored to a client’s requirements and have the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes in circumstances, regulations and tax laws.

With our technical and operations teams in Guernsey & Malta, we operate in locations that provide opportunities for structuring tax-efficient pension schemes offering security, flexibility and control. We have been instrumental in the design of pensions legally structured through contractual arrangements as well as trust instruments.

In addition we have experienced staff located in the UAE, Malta and the Channel Islands providing ongoing technical support to advisers and corporate clients.

Neither Trireme nor any of its associated companies is licensed or qualified to provide advice relating to the appropriateness of a plan for an individual.