Trireme offers specialist professional services to a wide range of pensions in numerous jurisdictions.

Drawing on our multi-jurisdictional knowledge we can help advisers design and set up a wide range of bespoke pension plans for individual and corporate clients.

We pride ourselves on providing proactive and high quality services to corporate and individual pension schemes.

Trireme does not provide financial advice or investment management services but it maintains a list of preferred advisers and investment managers (who are suitably licensed and meet Trireme’s own due diligence requirements).

Cost effective, flexible pension schemes to help motivate and retain key personnel.

Pension provision is an important tool for employers looking to recruit, motivate and retain their most talented personnel. Trireme establishes and administers a wide range of domestic and international retirement benefit schemes including defined contribution and defined benefit schemes for “key” employees or an entire workforce.

Our innovative and propriety software system provides employers and members with a functionally rich administration system that provides the necessary tools required for all parties to be actively involved in the pension provision and administration process. This has been tested and is capable of establishing pension plans with up to a million members.

Our experts work with you to design and develop tailor-made pension solutions for you and your business.

Negotiating the complexities of offshore pension schemes on your behalf Trireme administers retirement schemes established for individuals, such as retirement annuity trusts, QROPS and QNUPS.

A QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) is an overseas pension scheme that meets HMRC’s conditions to accept transfers of previously accrued UK pension benefits to a scheme offering flexibility, tax efficiency and multi-currency options.

A QNUPS (Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme) is a highly beneficial offshore pension vehicle for UK residents (whether UK-domiciled or not) and UK expatriates who have retained their UK domicile for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Multi-member or bespoke Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes (RATS) are very flexible pension vehicles for individuals resident in Guernsey and are approved by both the UK and Guernsey Tax authorities.

We assist with the establishment and administration of pensions for professional financial service providers thereby enabling them to expand their range of own-branded services and products.

We have the expertise, technical knowledge and skills required to establish and administer a wide range of pension and savings schemes for other selected partners, who can then focus on meeting the requirements of their clients.

Through our wider PraxisIFM activities we can help establish and service related structures such as investment and retirement funds.