US Pension Plans

Trireme is one of the few international retirement scheme administrators with pension solutions designed specifically for the domestic and international US market. This was a conscious decision by Trireme as the evolution of FATCA and general complexities of dealing with US taxpayers became too onerous and beyond the capabilities of many other firms. Trireme's back office systems were developed with US reporting requirements in mind enabling us to provide the necessary data for our members for their personal US tax returns.

Trireme offer two core solutions for individual US clients and separate tailored plans which can be used in a corporate capacity. The award winning US IRP caters specifically for US taxpayers wishing to fund a retirement plan from wherever they are located in the world, whilst the US QROPS accepts transfers of previously funded UK pensions for US taxpayers.

Any transfer from a domestic US pension, such as a 401(k) or an IRA will likely trigger normal US tax charges and it is suggested that individuals seek full US tax advice before applying to become a member of the plan or undertaking any transfer.