Malta Corporate Plans

With the costs associated with retirement ever increasing, the Maltese Government introduced legislation and tax incentives in 2017 encouraging employers and employees to contribute to a qualifying retirement scheme.

Maltese employers should now consider the best way to establish and run a pension plan for their employees. In today’s competitive marketplace a package of employee benefits are essential to attract, motivate and retain staff. Most employers recognise that a pension plan is an integral part of any modern employee benefit package.

Employees who can see their future is being considered and protected by their employer are more likely to be secure in their roles, resulting in greater productivity and loyalty. Knowing your employer is making a tangible long term contribution to your future economic well being is hard to value but impossible to replace.

The following tax incentives have been introduced:

  • A maximum deduction from the employer's taxable income of €2,000 per employee, per annum for employer contributions
  • A maximum tax credit on the employer’s tax bill of €500 per employee, per annum in connection with employer contributions
  • A maximum tax credit on the employee’s tax bill of €500

Trireme invests heavily in technology to provide a modern day software solution to companies and their employees. Our innovative pension administration software gives individual members 24/7 access with a secure log-in to monitor their investment and pension performance.

If you would like more information about our Maltese corporate plans, please contact us.